Why Athkheliyan?

Because it is a Hindi word that translates to “eight little playful games.” The need to bring all my creative avatars together in one place, give them some space to connect (like a family get-together perhaps,) had started to overwhelm me.

You might know at least one of my creative avatars (or none,) but in this post (and this post only,) I’d like to set the matters straight. I’m an artist (who paints both traditionally and digitally,) a writer/poet (who writes in English and Hindi.) I have a digital illustrations blog, an artist’s corner, a writer’s blog, a website for my professional work – but nothing to share my Hindi writing on (except my occasional Instagram posts,) and I’ve been dying to get a place where I could write without worrying about “walking that specific talk.

This is why, Athkheliyan. Here you won’t see stuff from my other blogs. In time, for the curious visitors, I’ll add their links in some obscure corner of this space, but that would be all. I’ll connect Athkheliyan to my Instagram account though.

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