अंत नहीं है यह…

An Existential Crisis is characterized by moments when you feel that life has lost its meaning, and when you start reflecting upon the purpose of life – wondering whether there is any point getting up each morning, doing the chores, keeping your day job…

And then there are times when this existential crisis doesn’t seem to be so huge anymore – that’s when you are catapulted out of your existential rut and thrown into a deep dark abyss of abject loneliness.

When that happens…should you give up and allow your years in your life to dry up…


Should you weed out the poisonous nodes of negative energy and start hearing the sound of your beautiful voice again?

अस्तित्वहीन, सामर्थ्यविहीन,
अंतर्मन है संतप्त, आरोषित?
हृदय में नहीं है आशा,
नहीं बची कोई अभिलाषा?

अंत नहीं है यह,
मूक-बधिर नहीं तू,
ध्वनि कर, प्रतिध्वनि सुनेगा,
नाद कर, महानाद मिलेगा।

फोड़ ग्रंथियों को,
निकल बहने दे विष,
आशा बनेगी तेरी परिभाषा,
रोषित मन पुनः पुलकित होगा।

– शेफ़ाली 



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