“See” language and don’t “age”… because Everything doesn’t have to make sense!

I am a juggler.

Are you a juggler too?

The point of being a juggler is that you don’t age. I don’t mean to say that your skin and bones won’t…they would as they should, unless you are a vampire (and I haven’t heard of vampire jugglers so if you are a vampire, most assuredly you aren’t a juggler.) So, No. I don’t mean that you won’t grow crow’s feet around your eyes (did you just visualize crow’s feet growing out around your eyes? Yikes!) or that your metabolism won’t slow down.

What I mean is that juggling keeps your gray cells on their toes (did you imagine that too? gray bratty little cells prancing about on their toes? Whew!) and that keeps your brain young – nubile, agile – without letting it go senile (and you rhymed it up – didn’t you? Stay nubile, be agile; run a mile, don’t go senile…something like that? I’m bad at rhyming stuff up…but if you did, you’ve already got your gray cells on their toes.)

The jugglers among us juggle among things they do…for instance, I juggle writing with drawing with painting with designing online training programs. When inspiration dries up for one, I pull up another, and then another – this obviously changes my gray cells into little handymen who’ve got to keep jumping from one task to another – swishing their creative t(r)ails everywhere they go.

Now that you know the secret of staying young forever, won’t you leave me a Like or a comment, or both?



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