No Glasshouses for Me…

Stolen from my Instagram.

No glasshouses for me,

no public scrutiny.

I want my private little corner,

I’m no child of destiny.

I like it when you are near,

words unsaid, connecting us,

my dear!

But I like my anonymity,

And its serenity,

I don’t want to be famous,

I love my hidden singularity.

I like it here, where I have no fear,

and the walls are sturdy and opaque,

my dear!

– Shafali


Someone had once asked me whether I truly didn’t feel the need to connect. Honestly, there was a time in life when I wanted to…needed to – then connecting left a big hole in my heart, and I realized that I am probably the only real friend I have. I learned that goodness of heart is possibly the first thing to get sacrificed on the altar of adversity, and also that when you become transparent, you allow yourself to be exploited.

This is why…no glasshouses for me.


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